Changing Primary Branch Name [FEAT - 785]

:boom: Please Note: I am not the original requestor. This feature request was submitted by another community member in our former (now depreciated) community forum.

I saw that Pantheon renamed its primary branch for documentation from master to main :star2:

Any plans to do the same for the platform?

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we use ‘trunk’ branch as our main branch on Gitlab and whenever I deploy I’ve got to merge trunk into master on my local git repo and then push to Pantheon. It would be great to be able to deploy to pantheon with whatever branch name we choose. That way we could auto deploy from Gitlab whenever trunk is updated. :+1:

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Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile: I hear you loud & clear on that & I know that has been a popular item of discussion in the past. Let me followup with my team on this. Keep the feedback coming!

Hi. I’m just following up on this. I was one of the original people requesting this feature.
Harvard University is mandating all our repositories use main instead of master for primary repository branches.
Our repository associated with Pantheon has been the last holdout of this effort. Any chance this can be prioritized? At the very least, is there any update or information on when this might be addressed?




Hey @phil.plencner!

Thanks for following up here. Let me ping some folks internally and see what I can dig up here for you. Hang tight!

This would also be a very nice feature for us at the University of Michigan. We’ve had several people already ask us how they can do it and we’ve had to answer, “It’s not currently possible with Pantheon Git repos, but there is an open feature request for it.”


Thanks for weighing in here Mark! I am going to make sure to leave a comment on the FEAT request.

Pantheon is now the only place Lullabot projects continue to use master. Pantheon should discontinue the use of the outdated terminology by default. main is the industry standard now and has been the default on GitHub for years.

Thanks @quicksketch, I’ve passed along your feedback. I’d like to see us change this too.

Glad to get in one last request for it before the forum shuts down tomorrow apparently. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the confirmation!